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One of our original aims with the Foodee Project is to bring the best recipes the paleo blogosphere has to offer to one easy to use location. Well, with thousands of recipes in the index now, we believe we have kept to our mission. The sheer volume of high quality recipes in our community now is staggering, and we are requesting your help. Below you will find a list of some great recipes from some of our favorite paleo bloggers. We are working to completely index the sites we feature and the sites listed below represent our current challenge. Be sure to check our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as our blog for current giveaways associated with helping us out.

To offer your community support, simply click one of the links below and follow the directions on our 'Submit a Recipe' page. After completing the steps the recipe will be put into our queue for approval and your user account will be credited for the addition and added to the list for any current give away!

Thank you for supporting the Foodee Project!

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