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Now that you have committed to starting a Paleo diet, you will be planning meals, shopping for groceries and most importantly cooking! While the Foodee Project can't cook your meals for you, we do make finding delicious recipes, planning for your week, and generating smart grocery lists very simple.

The Foodee Project collects the best paleo recipes the web has to offer and organizes them into one, easy to use location. We lower the barriers to starting and sticking with the paleo diet to help improve your and your families health! Let us show you how you can plan the meals for your week in under a week!

With our website you can:
Create a free user account.
Discover delicious paleo recipes.
Save & organize your favorite recipes.
Add tasty recipes to your weekly grocery list.
View a smart grocery list organized by aisle.
Customize serving sizes of your grocery list.
Email or print your shopping list.

Create your free user account
Registering with Foodee is simple. At the top of the webpage, click 'Sign Up.'

Fill out the registration form with your desired user name, email, password and basic personal information. Then, click 'Register.'

Check your email for confirmation, and you're done!

Discover something delicious...
Find hundreds of the web's best paleo and primal recipes from bloggers around the world. Use the search bar to discover recipes by ingredient: chicken, pumpkin, or avocado.

Or, select from popular diets: Whole30, 21 Day Sugar Detox.

For more information on a recipes that looks tasty, simply click the picture!

Did you know?
The foodee features over 200 paleo and primal bloggers from all over the US, australia, Canada and more...See a full list here

Save your favorite recipes.
When you find a recipe that strikes your fancy, click the 'Like' button with the heart right below the name on the right side of the recipe page.

This recipe will be cataloged with all of your other favorites and can be accessed by clicking the 'Favorites' link in toolbar at the top of the page.

Add tasty recipes to your weekly grocery list.
Now that you've found a recipe that is worthy of cooking for your friends or family, it's time to find the ingredients to grab at the grocery store. Click 'Add this recipe' and watch it appear in your green, grocery cart, bam!

Save time & money!
On average you spend an extra $1 for every minute over 30 in the grocery store. Be prepared and organized during your grocery store trips.

View your grocery list.
After carefully crafting the perfect grocery cart, complete with snacks, main courses and sides, click the 'View grocery list' button to get a one-page view of all the ingredients for the recipes. Ingredients will be organized by popular aisles in the grocery store.

Set your serving size.
Each recipe is compiled with it’s original serving size based on the portion of protein. One serving is roughly the equivalent of 1/4 pound of protein. Example: a recipe that uses 1 pound of pork butt would be 4 servings. Using the 'serving size' guide in the left sidebar, determine the correct size for your family or dinner party and enter than number in the serving size field at the top of the page, and click 'update.' Our grocery list generator quickly recalculates the correct quantities for you!

Cook for someone!
Whether you're cooking for your kids or for a dinner party, including others in the process makes the task so much more enjoyable. Throw on some music, and clear some space for impromptu dance moves!

Email or print your shopping list.
Whether you're old-school or new-age, the Foodee Project has you covered in the grocery store. You can print your grocery list to have something tangible to carry around with you, or email the list to view on your smart phone as you navigate through the aisles!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us here.

We hope you enjoy our project.">Get started today