The Foodee Project » modrss - Article Feed Search our paleo and primal recipes to create your weekly grocery lists. Wed, 07 Jan 2015 21:18:33 +0000 hourly 1 Green Eggs and Ham Wed, 26 Oct 2016 17:12:15 +0000 Green Eggs and HamSaint Patty's Day isn't really a holiday I ever celebrated. I have never been a drinker, so the idea of going out and getting wasted one day of the year isn't my idea of fun. I didn't even do that for my 21st birthday. I was the first of my friends to turn 21, so I went out with the only two older friends I had at the time, sipped on a beer until it was warm because I couldn't stand the flavor, and watched drunk people make fools of themselves at some club in Pittsburgh. (I, on the other hand, used to be a fairly good drinker - having been a Penn Stater that enthusiastically celebrated "State Patty's" Day each year. - Bill) For this year's Saint Patrick's Day, we will be celebrating something different. We are currently in Austin, Texas getting ready for a workout at CrossFit Austin. We are overwhelmed with feelings of being extremely grateful for where our lives have taken us in the past 18 months, and the wonderful friends we have made. We are spending the week with some of our best friends, geeking out on our mutual passions for health, wellness, and of course really good food. ]]> Lemon Radish Tuna Cups Wed, 26 Oct 2016 17:12:15 +0000 Lemon Radish Tuna CupsRadishes at the farmers market replace onion in this tuna salad. Fresh and bright appetizer or snack! ]]> Primal Spaghetti Wed, 26 Oct 2016 17:12:15 +0000 Primal SpaghettiThe following is a recipe for a truly sensational tomato sauce (with meat!). Now,before everyone loses their minds and thinks that tomato sauce is only good atop a mound of carbohydrate-laden pasta,we’’d like to remind you of its multiple uses. This tomato sauce,for example,makes a great addition to eggplant for a variation on eggplant parmesan (with or without the actual parmesan). I personally like it on any number of different vegetables or even on a grilled steak. Another great use for this type of sauce? An Italian-inspired filling for omelets (just limit the amount to two or three spoonfuls or you’’ll make a royal mess!) ]]> Wed, 26 Oct 2016 17:12:15 +0000 ]]> Everyday Paleo Salisbury Steak Wed, 26 Oct 2016 17:12:15 +0000 Everyday Paleo Salisbury SteakEver ponder where the heck Salisbury Steak originated from? I’’m always curious about life in general and especially food so with the help of our handy Internet, I gave myself a quick lesson regarding the origin of this timeless dish. Click here if you, like me, would like to know more about this classic diner favorite. For me Salisbury Steak conjures up memories of what my dad would order at Perko’’s; a lifeless hamburger patty with grey “home-style” gravy and lumpy mashed potatoes. I remember thinking even as a little girl that that meal really did have potential, if someone simply gave it some thought and a bit of creative effort. Well, tonight my boys and I went for it and what we created was pretty darn delicious and not at all the Salisbury Steak of my past. I hope you and your family enjoys the Everyday Paleo rendition as much as we did! ]]> Almost Osso Bucco Wed, 26 Oct 2016 17:12:15 +0000 Almost Osso BuccoTraditionally made with veal, these marrow-filled beef shank bones give this dish a delicious richness that's hard to get from other cuts. ]]> Quick beef stew Wed, 26 Oct 2016 17:12:15 +0000 Quick beef stewHeat the oil and onion in the pressure cooker,stirring frequently. Once the onions begin to soften,add the beef. Brown the meat,mixing well,for around 5 minutes. Add all of the remaining ingredients except the garlic and pepper. Close the pressure cooker,then turn the heat to high. Once the cooker is up to pressure,reduce to medium. Cook for 20 minutes. Cool and open the unit,then add the pepper and crushed garlic. Mix well,then serve hot. ]]> Crock Pot Jalapeno Roast Wed, 26 Oct 2016 17:12:15 +0000 Crock Pot Jalapeno RoastWow. The past week has been busy! I started off the week with a 1.2 mile open water race, which I placed 1st in my age group! Monday, I had to go back to school. It was pretty bittersweet since I was enjoying the summer, but looking forward to resuming my medical training. Also, it was my birthday! With so much going on, I was reminded of how great crock pot recipes are for busy days. This Jalapeno Roast, takes convenience to the next level! Not only does it require minimal preparation, but the leftovers can be eaten in so many different ways. It’’s the meal that keeps on giving! Enjoy this Jalapeno Roast 1) with a side of Spanish Cauliflower Rice, 2) in a big lettuce leaf with avocado and cilantro for tacos, or 3) mix it in with some scrambled eggs for a traditional Mexican breakfast of Machaca!, ]]> Crabocado Salad Wed, 26 Oct 2016 17:12:15 +0000 Crabocado SaladIn a large bowl, layer lettuce and vegetables. Dress with lemon juice and olive oil. Top the salad mixture with avocado, crab meat, and remaining lemon juice. Season with sea salt and black pepper. ]]> Wed, 26 Oct 2016 17:12:15 +0000 ]]> Ginger Chicken Soup Wed, 26 Oct 2016 17:12:16 +0000 Ginger Chicken SoupAfter eating anything and everything on our trip in California and junk through the hurricane last week, I needed to get back on track this week. Since the weather was chilly this weekend, soup seemed like the best way to do that. This soup is Paleo-friendly but you don't have to be following Paleo to enjoy it. I like this recipe because it is simple. I think the best chicken soups start with a whole chicken creating its own broth but sometimes there isn't time for that. This recipe just uses a rotisserie chicken and store-bought broth. I highly recommend using high-quality organic broth. (However, if you have time and are looking for a healthy chicken soup, try Julie's. It is one of my all-time favorite soups.) ]]> Grilled Pork Chops With Tomato Peach Relish Wed, 26 Oct 2016 17:12:16 +0000 Grilled Pork Chops With Tomato Peach RelishOne of my blog readers, Jennifer Irwin of Columbus, OH, sent me this amazing recipe that I am happy to feature on the blog. Do YOU have an awesome recipe worthy of sharing with Everyday Paleo readers? If so, email me your dish along with a photo of the food and who knows, your recipe might be the next one featured on the blog! Thanks Jennifer for sharing your paleo culinary masterpiece. ]]>