The Foodee Projectmodrss – The Foodee Project - Article Feed Search our paleo and primal recipes to create your weekly grocery lists. Mon, 15 Jan 2018 21:34:49 +0000 hourly 1 Albondigas Soup Sat, 21 Apr 2018 19:58:54 +0000 Albondigas SoupWhen my co-worker brought her homemade Albondigas Soup for her lunch, I was so intrigue to recreate the dish to be Paleo friendly. She was super awesome to share the recipe that she used to make her Albondigas. Without any further thought, I quickly shopped for any necessary ingredients to try the recipe that she showed. This recipe is very simple that you can use whatever veggies that you have in hand and you could double up the amount as needed just like I did. ]]> Sun Dried Tomato Meatballs with Creamy Pesto Sat, 21 Apr 2018 19:58:54 +0000 Sun Dried Tomato Meatballs with Creamy PestoI promised folks over on my Facebook page to have this post up yesterday, which obviously did not happen, and for that I apologize. Darn three kids, two dogs, and one husband, always getting in the way of me and my timely blog posts. What’s a girl to do…. Anyhow; here I am now, at my computer typing away while my jetlagged children are still asleep so now’s my chance! However, today’s the day I will make them wake up before 11am so that we get back on track!!! So, wish me luck as I’m sure that my Friday will be a day filled with grumpy Fragoso boys, just in time for my book signing tomorrow at the Coscto in Sacramento!! Hopefully we’ll all be bright eyed and bushy tailed by then. Alright, on to the food! We came home from vacation to a box of Sun Dried Tomatoes, generously given to us by Mooney Farms, creators of Bella Sun Luci products. Here’s the crazy thing, this huge brand name that I have seen everywhere from the Safeway in Maui to Costco’s around the country, is based right here in little ol’ Chico. I have never tried their products before but I’m so happy to learn more about them. These folks actually care about the food they produce and everything from their drying process (the tomatoes are actually SUN dried, like the name implies) to their olive oil (no tainted stuff here, this is the real deal, and delicious!) So with a jar of the Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes with Italian Herbs, I created these yummy meatballs along with a sun dried tomato creamy pesto sauce. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds…. In fact Rowan was the meatball thief at dinner and we cracked up as he gobbled down his meatballs and swiped John’s last meatball off of his plate. Wish I would have got a picture of that…. ]]> Sat, 21 Apr 2018 19:58:54 +0000 ]]> Broccoli and Apple Salad Sat, 21 Apr 2018 19:58:54 +0000 Broccoli and Apple SaladBroccoli and apple work really well together,especially with watercress. If you don't like watercress,which I've heard many don't,just substitute it with something else. But make sure you've tried watercress without all the stems. It's the stems that really put people off watercress,while if you take just the leaves,it's lovely stuff! ]]> Olive Tapenade over Pulled Chicken with Cucumber Sat, 21 Apr 2018 19:58:54 +0000 Olive Tapenade over Pulled Chicken with CucumberTapenades are popular in the South of France as a topping or spread on bread. The base ingredient is olives, but tapenades may be flavored with capers, garlic, herbs, anchovies, and lemon juice. My simple Olive Tapenade is a mixture of green and Kalamata olives and some capers. I might get around to experimenting with additional flavors in the future, but like this one so much, I’’m not especially motivated. This tapenade adds great flavor to Pulled Chicken, fish, pork carinatas... ]]> Paleo Krabby Patties Sat, 21 Apr 2018 19:58:54 +0000 Paleo Krabby PattiesJust like Paleo mayonnaise, there are lots of great Paleo-friendly recipes out in the blogosphere for crab cakes. In particular, The Food Lovers’’ Primal Palate has a really awesome one as does Mark’’s Daily Apple. Why am I adding another one to the mix? Well, variety is the spice of life and I’’m on a mission to Paleo-ize a bunch of recipes in my favorite cookbooks. Today, I decided to see if I could successfully adapt the crab cake recipe in my America’’s Test Kitchen’’s Family Cookbook. The original recipe uses both breadcrumbs and flour (which are verboten) so I subbed in some coconut flour instead. Also, I didn’’t have any fresh herbs or Old Bay seasoning so I just used my Sunny Paris seasoning. ]]> Coconut Ginger Salmon Sat, 21 Apr 2018 19:58:54 +0000 Coconut Ginger SalmonWho doesn’’t love the combination of coconut, ginger, veggies and salmon? This is a very easy dish to prepare and make. It is faster and easier than our Obscene Tilapia dish (my sister-in-law named this dish...she loved it that much ) If you have company coming it’’s the perfect meal to make, because it has minimal prep time and is not messy. You can hang out and converse while it’’s baking perfectly. Remember, anything with sauce or coconut milk, usually tastes better the next day as the flavors have a chance to settle in. So left overs are just as delicious. ]]> Plantain and Mango Beef Sat, 21 Apr 2018 19:58:54 +0000 Plantain and Mango BeefFlavor explosion, plain and simple. AND a cooking video!!! ]]> BACON-WRAPPED CHICKEN LIVERS Sat, 21 Apr 2018 19:58:54 +0000 BACON-WRAPPED CHICKEN LIVERSThe last time I posted a liver recipe, it was a bust – I don’’t think one of my readers said it sounded tasty. Ah, but you know I don’’t give up that easily...really, y’’all, what’’s holding you back? I live with two males who looked at me like I’’d lost my mind the first time I said I was going to make liver and now Beloved’’s in Charleston sucking up the Charcuterie Plate at Slightly North of Broad every night and texting me photos of it. I’’ve said it before and I’’ll say it again – organ meats, especially liver, from pastured/grass-fed animals are some of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat. And if cooked properly they really are quite tasty – just ask Beloved who, while in Texas, had very thinly sliced beef tongue at a Japanese restaurant and decided that the time has come for us to make one of the two (yes, two) in our freezer, it was so delicious. So, I guess y’’all have that to look forward to, as well. Seriously, though, chicken livers are much milder in flavor than beef liver and are more tender, as well. If you take care not to overcook them, they are quite delicious. This preparation cooks them longer than is normally recommended, but does not overcook them because, well, they’’re wrapped in bacon and slathered with barbecue sauce and how can you go wrong with that?? ]]> Sat, 21 Apr 2018 19:58:54 +0000 ]]> Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder Sat, 21 Apr 2018 19:58:54 +0000 Slow-Roasted Pork ShoulderIf you haven’’t been to the Whole 9 Life website yet,it’’s definitely a spot you’’ll want to frequent. Melissa and Dallas do what they can to bring you the latest and greatest Paleo information,and one of my favorite features of the 9-Blog is their “Steal this Meal” recipes submitted by their readers. Not too long ago,my mouth watered over the ingredients for their featured Crockpot Carnitas from Lydia Ash. Her recipe called for the use of Pork Ribs,but I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to try a slow-roasted Pork Shoulder – something I’’ve always wanted to cook! So,I borrowed Lydia’’s Spice & Veggie mixture,and created a delicious Mexican Pork Pot Roast! ]]> Bacon Leek Pepper Frittata Sat, 21 Apr 2018 19:58:54 +0000 Bacon Leek Pepper FrittataEasy, step-by-step instructions to create a frittata. You may make substitutions for most of the ingredients to use what you have on hand. Try it! ]]>