thursday, june 14 2012 welcome to the foodee blog

The Foodee Project started on January 18, 2010 as the first entry scribbled in a new sketchbook while flying back to Tempe, AZ. Originally conceived as an easy way to share paleo recipes with gym members, the project quickly grew to become an aggregator of the web’s best paleo recipes.

Tools like the grocery list generator and favorites were added soon after to make it easier for folks committing to the paleo diet to stick with it. The project has gone through several design & concept iterations. And, after trying a few different outside developers, everything but the database was scrapped in November 2011 and re-written from the ground up.

The project has served as inspiration for cooking as well as a digital ‘hotrod’ for learning computer programming. Most (if not all) of the past couple of years have been solely dedicated to finding recipes and learning how to code a useful web app. With the start of the Foodee blog, we’d like to show you our softer (read: more hilarious) side and introduce you to the people behind the project.

We are Audrey and Matt, often going by AB & ML, and we are foodies. Nearly all the decisions we make in life, health and travel are influenced by food & fitness. We recently took a trip up to northern Arizona and literally decided against taking a certain route through a (beautiful) city because there weren’t any tasty restaurants to try. A bit nuts, we know, but hey…we’re addicted to good food! Our friends know us as the couple that taunts them on Facebook with pictures of our latest kitchen creations. Speaking of kitchens, our apartment was decided on because of the sheer size of its kitchen (dance moves and handstands are standard fare while cooking so we need the space). As you can see, food is our addiction and we have come to terms with it. Audrey works for a company she loves, called lululemon and Matt runs a gym in Tempe called Free Range CrossFit. We both put in our fair share of hours but make it a habit to sit down and end every night eating together. Whether it’s 5:30 or 10:30 at night, that’s our rule and it has kept us close and very happy.

The Foodee blog will chronicle our travels, experiments (both good and bad) and philosophies behind our approach to living and eating well with the Paleo lifestyle. We have some exciting ideas and innovations to share with you and look forward to growing the Foodee Project with such a great community. We hope you enjoy following our adventures in food!

Audrey & Matt

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