tuesday, june 19 2012 feature: custom search

We have had some great feature suggestions for both the Foodee website and the upcoming Foodee iPhone app. One that stuck out was the request to search the foodee meal database for recipes containing certain ingredients.

Here is the scenario:
It's the end of your week and you really don't feel like grocery cooking but you want to stick to your Whole30 program. You open your fridge and it's looking pretty sparse but you have some pork, apples and an onion along with your assortment of spices and herbs. You don't have a specific recipe planned for these ingredients...what can you do? Well, one option is to get creative and use the Foodee to get some tasty ideas for those unused ingredients.

Try this:
Visit the Foodee website and in the search bar enter the ingredients you have on-hand with 'AND' between each of them. In our above scenario, the search would look like this:

apples AND onion AND pork

You will be shown a list of recipes that include all of the ingredients you specified. Some of them may contain ingredients you don't have, but who cares? Just omit those and create something new and original from Kitchen de you.

I hope this little tip helps with some inspiration on those what-do-I-do-with-this? days.

Got an idea?
Feel free to email all comments or suggestions to [email protected]! We would love to hear from you.

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