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Now that summer is here to stay, our beloved city of Tempe, AZ has crept into the 100s and will sadly remain there until October, buh! It's been especially spicy out lately reaching 110+ several times already. A few weekends ago, we decided we needed a break from the heat and packed up the egg (AB's Ford focus) for some northern AZ food & fun. As per usual we decided that the focus of our trip, other than to cool off, would be to visit some paleo-friendly food establishments along the way.

Saturday started off in good form with the fine folks of Free Range CrossFit for a morning WOD.

After working up a nice sweat we started the food adventure by grabbing breakfast with some of our members. This has become something of a tradition after the Saturday classes, and our new favorite spot to frequent is Scottsdale's Daily Dose. How does a prime rib omelette with butternut squash hash sound to you!?

Audrey grabbed some coffee for the road and we were off to Prescott. (On a side note: we opted away from stopping in Sedona on this trip because we couldn't find any good food establishments that looked paleo or gluten-free friendly. If you know of one, please let us know!).

When we arrived in Prescott we were happily greeted by a fun art festival so we decided to explore. We perused the booths, did some people watching, AB found a new pet and we practiced some handstands in the park.

Prescott is a fun little town that we had never paid much attention to until recently visiting for a CrossFit competition up at Captain CrossFit. Since then we told ourselves we'd visit again to check out what they had to offer in the way of food. Leaning on Urban Spoon for some ideas and direction we stumbled upon Raven Cafe. Two words: Awe some. Okay, one word, but the place was legit! A little off the beaten path, this restaurant has a fun, funky, coffeehouse atmosphere with some local art and good music. We ordered a few of their salads, which included some local produce and meat (sauce on the side of course!).

Our Saturday was off to a great start. Two cities, two very different paleo-friendly restaurants. Back on the road to gain some elevation and reach our day's destination, Flagstaff. One of our members suggest we check out some wine tasting in the city of Jerome on the way, so we decided...what the heck? We stopped off at Caduceus Cellars by Maynard James Keenan from the band Tool and tasted a few of their white wines and had a glass of red.

We (finally) arrived in Flagstaff around 9:00, so we headed straight to an old favorite for a late night burger. Diablo burger has some of the tastiest burgers around. The place is small, somewhat hard to find, but they are big proponents of supporting everything local: business, artists and food alike! I'm a huge fan of what they do.

With bellies full, we wandered the streets of Flagstaff for a bit on our way to the car, then drove to one of our members' cabin for a restful night's sleep.

Sunday (fun-day)
After mentioning that we were taking a trip up north during one of the CrossFit classes earlier in the week, one of our members suggested a new attraction we should check out called Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course. The name alone sounds fun enough, and after seeing their website we were sold. Our morning would be spent negotiating obstacles in the trees, 20-60ft off the ground. To get properly fueled we grabbed breakfast (read: tons of side dishes) at Brandy's.

Then we were tempted by a roadside jerky stand...

We finally got on the road to our morning's happenings: the Flagstaff Extreme Obstacle Course. If you are ever in the Flagstaff area when it's not snowing, this place is an absolute blast. There are 4 courses that get progressively more challenging (and higher). They have everything form rope swings, to cargo nets to faux skateboarding forty feet in the air, BAM! We did our best to get some sweet action shots to make people jealous, haha!

We had worked up quite the appetite, so we headed over to New Frontiers marketplace for some ingredients to whip up some bacon wrapped chicken, guacamole and fresh greens for a salad. This recipe is an old favorite and go-to when we are in a pinch and still want some serious taste. It was a great meal to wrap up our Northern AZ excursion.

Traveling is always a bit stressful, so we definitely had our tense moments (especially when we got lost ::several times::) but it was nice getting out of the heat for the weekend. We definitely plan on making a few more of these type of excursions before the summer's end.

Live in the AZ area?
We would love to hear from other AZ Foodees. If you have any good paleo recipes, restaurants or just want to say hi, shoot us an email at [email protected]. Cheers!

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