friday, october 05 2012 Everything’s Bigger Here: Days 3,4 & 5

Monday: Frank's
May the great experiment begin! Matt and I headed downtown for some caffination inspiration as we discussed the next steps for The Foodee Project. There to help us with our quest was Frank's, a local gem known for beer, sausage, and individually crafted cups of coffee. We ordered two Iced Coffees and two Jackalope sausages, a "custom-made antelope, rabbit & pork sausage, cranberry compote, sriacha aioli" + kraut. They were both incredible. The delicious taste of the coffee lingered for several minutes after each sip, while the sausage was completely gone in 5.

Frank's: Purveyors of Sausage, Beer, and Coffee

Tuesday: Hopdoddy
We walked downtown to explore the local/seasonal/paleo restaurants that we will be visiting during our stay. The winner for Tuesday's Dinner was Hopdoddy - a burger bar in SoCo that offers you a beer and finds you a table while you wait to order one of their 12 delicious meaty creations. GF Beef is an up charge but worth it as I think it is the most flavorful burger I have ever had. A new take on your local hamburger joint, I fell in love with Hopdoddy's atmosphere and ingenuitive approach...and of course their burgers.

The Meat Menu

Supporting the Locals

Wednesday: Bungalow Cookin' Y'all
Logged a 2+ mile run in the morning from our house to downtown, and made a quick stop over at Whole Foods where we discovered some delicious twice-baked sweet potatoes (the PERFECT post workout snack, pictured with ML below). We became inspired to replicate them at home, and decided to spend the rest of the day cooking. Since earlier this week we had hit up the library in search of some authentic Texas recipes to make at home, we compiled a hefty grocery list and set out for Central Market. Dinner was Jalepeno-Lime Chicken Thighs, with Tomato, Banana, & Raisin, Cauliflower rice and was incredibly flavorful. Spicy and sweet, we will definitely be sharing our recipe for this on Foodee soon!

There are fruits and veggies here we didn't even know existed.

Dinner time, Bam!

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