friday, october 12 2012 Everything is Bigger here: Days 10,11,&12

Monday:Caffe Medici, lululemon athletica

Back at it! We Car2Go’d over to Caffé Medici just East of our house in Tarrytown to kick off our “work” week. The café had a very intimate and warm setting, packed with people of all ages and agendas. And while we were able to accomplish a lot of our goals for the day, I think we would have preferred a quieter space. We sat right by the counter and so we people filter in and out all morning. But the coffee was pretty good!

After our productive morning, we headed home to eat our succulent rib roast leftovers. As we ate, Matt threw “Terminator” on Netflix and I was instantly hooked. Growing up in a family full of girls, this movie never made out “Must Rent” list, but I found myself reluctant to turn it off. So when Matt called it quits for us hallway through to go grocery shopping, I asked if we could watch it later that night. Matt’s reply was that this request was how he knows he is marrying the right woman.

We opted for a quick dinner because we were going to a yoga class at the lululemon on 6th and Lamar. So Scott came over to join us for Pork Endive boats that we topped with our lemon, dill sauerkraut. This meal is quick, quality meal we like to keep in our back pocket for busy evenings such as these. We cleaned up and headed over to yoga where our hip flexors were sufficiently elongated. A Car2Go home and we were tucked in bed. No Terminator tonight.

Tuesday: Summermoon Wood Fired Coffee, Athenian, Royal Blue Grocery

Tuesday morning we chose a new coffee shop called Summermoon in the Dawson area for our daily melding of the minds. It was quaint and small with a pretty bitter cup of coffee, but we both kind of like bitter and it fueled several hours of work so, I’d say our day was off to a great start. And can I just say how much we love the walks to our car each day? Seriously! They take us through cool neighborhoods with very different houses and atmospheres that we wouldn’t see if there was a consistent car parked in our driveway. We’re like Lewis and Clark over here and its really, quite fun.

After coffee, we went to lunch Downtown at a Greek restaurant called Athenian. It was cafeteria style; family-run with hearty portions and a reasonable price. The food was pretty good for $10 and the weather on the patio made for a very enjoyable lunch - minus all the pigeons trying to swoop on your food. That, we could have done without. We swung by Royal Blue Grocery, a local chain of café/mini-markets, to pick up some stock for Wednesday night’s soup on our way back to the car. Once we got home, ML and I both tied up a few loose ends and headed out to a nearby park for a workout. We brought our rings on the trip with us, hung them on the swing set and spent the next hour working on muscle ups and gymnastics.


Inspired by our Greek lunch, dinner was supposed to be Dolmas (ground lamb wrapped in grape leaves) from Diane SanFilippo’s Practical Paleo, but alas our leave were so tiny that we would have had a lot of excess of meat mixture. So we decided to improvise and came up with “Dolma-sangna” – grape leave and ground lamb layers that we baked for about 40 minutes. And you know what? It was delicious. Perhaps a little leafy, but tasty for both dinner and as leftovers for lunch on Thursday.

Wedsnesday: Houndstooth
We decided to have a caffeine-free day on Wednesday and looked up the best local spot for tea. The Steeping Room offers a wide variety of tea, but their HQ was pretty far away, so instead we found a closer spot called Houndstooth, that carries some of their most popular flavors. This place is a mod-inspired coffee shop with incredibly knowledgeable baristas who are passionate about coffee and the people they serve, offering up the best pairings of coffee and brewing methods. They had a pretty cherry espresso machinery and a “hashtag” special that was call #coffeebeerrepeat – a coffee, a beer, then another coffee and another beer, a rolercoasters of uppers and downers that should leave you somewhere in the middle. We will definitely go back to try their coffee. (**Oddly enough a family friend that I haven’t seen in over 10 years works in the building upstairs and came down for a coffee while we were there! It was such a nice surprise to see him and quickly catch up. I didn’t hesitate to tell him that our SF Giants were going to knock his Reds out of the playoffs! I swear the world is getting smaller.)

Scott met up with us for after work for a late afternoon “park WOD” of thrusters/push ups and then Matt and I came home to finish up a shrimp and cod fish gumbo we had started before we left. It was our first time cooking with Okra and while the flavor was delicious, the consistency was pretty slimy. It did not make for desirable seconds, or leftovers, so I don’t know that we will make that one again! We capped off our day with the documentary "Indie Game" and called it a night.

Go Giants!

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