Jan’s Sushi Bar
citrus marinated flank steak
fiesta deviled eggs
glazed bacon chicken
bacon deviled egg salad
quick and easy huevos rancheros
creamy strawberry chicken salad
kale and walnut pesto
vietnamese meatballs
fish poached in ghee
chipotle glazed pork chops
mushroom and spinach quiche
ramp salad w/ lemon-ramp vinaigrette
curried mango tuna cakes
ginger-carrot puree
breakfast stuffed sweet potatoes
mexican meatzza
enchilada sauce
mango-avocado salsa
mexican-spiced drumsticks
honey roasted pork belly
baked potato soup w/ bbq pork
tangy country style ribs
orange-glazed rabbit
roasted golden beets and greens
pressure cooker spare ribs
grapefruit glazed beef liver
lemon pepper chicken
bang-bang shrimp
bison ribs
balsamic glazed vension
pot roast in foil
rabbit in mustard sauce
tuna casserole
cauliflower and leek gratin
mole baked eggs
pineapple chicken
pork chops and applesauce
smoky parsnip-collard soup
blood orange brussels sprouts
pork, cabbage & apple skillet
smoked salmon quiche
spicy avocado egg salad
cauliflower-celery root puree
slow cooker pot roast
hawaiian-style meatloaf
oxtail ragoutq
venison butternut squash chili
pomegranate molasses
pomegranate short ribs
sweet and savory frittata
asian-style lettuce wraps
braised lamb shanks with spiced butternu...
hot italian sausage
spicy venison rib chops
pommes anna
honey-lemon roast pheasant
pistachio-crusted halibut with blood ora...
italian-style beef liver
roasted romanesco
stuffed pork loin roast
parsnip-sweet potato casserole
venison steak diane
quick and easy thousand island
venison bolognese
savory pumpkin pie
turkey and sweet potato hash
creamy pumpkin “pasta”
veal stew
indian-spiced sweet potatoes
roast beef w/ mushroom-brandy sauce
winter squash fritters
cincinnati-style chili
world’s moistest chicken
lemon brussels sprouts
honey-mustard vension chops
venison meatloaf
lamb stew
curried apple soup
buffalo chicken frittata
apple roasted chicken
scandinavian meatballs
chopped liver
honey roasted butternut squash
autumn beef stew
squash and crab bisque
ham salad
delicata squash with apples and chili sp...
tempura okra
crispy fried chicken livers
yellow curry meatballs and kale
squash noodles
pulled pork w/ balsamic peaches
fiesta mini-quiches
apple mustard pork chops
crab deviled eggs
crab cake benedict
mashed sweet potato and banana
summer squash casserole
melon salad
fish and chips
birria (mexican goat stew)
zucchini fritters
chili dogs
citrus-glazed pork belly
spicy crab salad
bacon-wrapped honey mustard chicken
confetti quiche
okra stir-fry
barbecued beef liver
watermelon salad
buffalo chicken bites
sweet potato gnocchi with pork ragu
gluten-free crab cakes
sweet potato-coconut soup
spicy roasted cauliflower
spicy slow cooker short ribs
savory asparagus flan
braised goat shank stew
barbecue rabbit
strawberry dark chocolate balsamic salad
general tso’s chicken
chipotle sweet potato latkes
big kahuna burger
wasabi cheesecake with maguro
blackberry barbecue sauce
baked haddock with uglimole
spinach and chard souffle
onion pie
broccoli cashew raisin salad
sweet tater tater tots
orange-chipotle shrimp
thai-style carrot soup
savory tomato sorbet
avocado and scallop ceviche
wine poached eggs with crispy pork belly...
wasabi-coconut panna cotta with tuna and...
sticky sticks
sweet and sour meatballs
roasted beet and goat cheese salad
sweet potato hash with baked eggs
fig and chevre stuffed chicken breasts
braised barbecue round steak
grilled spare ribs with fig-orange glaze
salmon with grapefruit-pink peppercorn g...
crawfish etouffee
red flannel hash
steak tartare
moroccan goat stew
garlicky collard pie
sausage and red pepper tomato sauce
kale chips
pork (or chicken) adobo
cashew-coconut crusted mahi mahi
beef fajitas
almost osso bucco
italian-style meatloaf
classic cheese fondue
sweet and spicy cottage pie
lamb chops with shallot sauce
blackened tuna with mango salsa
thai-style pork and goat meatballs
meatloaf cupcakes
cauliflower bisque
turkey, sweet potato and kale casserole
italian beef and green bean casserole
curried deviled eggs
rack of goat
vegetable frittata
braised pork belly
asian-style pork and goat meatballs
grain-free chicken pot pie
chicken squash chowder
dairy-free ranch dressing
shrimp cocktail
chicken strips
barbecue glazed meatballs
german-style meatballs
perfect prime rib
pork stew with indian flavors
vanilla mashed sweet potatoes
slow-cooker beef vegetable soup
squash and ricotta casserole
grain-free stuffing
country style ribs with grapes and sage
slow roasted pork belly
shepherd’s pie with asian flavors
maple sausage patties
puree of turnip with crispy shallots
pumpkin sausage soup
coconut curry grilled chicken
carrot salad
fried okra
bacon-wrapped chicken livers
rosemary pork loin roast with red curran...
leek, bacon and collard frittata with he...
rosemary apple butter pork loin
kung pow chicken
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