Mark’s Daily Apple
crispy carnitas
lamb rib chops with parsley and mint sau...
bacon brussels sprouts with brown butter...
succulent roast goose
raw butternut squash slaw
spiced pork and butternut squash with sa...
lamb and pomegranate salad
shortcut bbq ribs
herb chicken cooked under a brick
moroccan chicken casserole
slow-cooked coconut ginger pork
lime and basil beef kebabs
grilled eggs with mexican chorizo
roasted cactus salad with shrimp
tender lemon-parsley brisket
primal chicken tikka masala
sesame coleslaw with seaweed
rich and hearty hungarian goulash
fish soup in tomato-saffron broth with b...
aromatic beef soup with mushrooms and ch...
herb roasted leg of lamb
tender prime rib roast w/mushroom &...
shawarma salad
savory roasted pumpkin with beef short r...
primal moussaka
braised wild boar with sauerkraut and ba...
spicy and sour kimchi
heirloom tomato salad and steak with pep...
charcoal roasted pork loin
garlic marinated broccoli with olives an...
creamy macadamia shrimp
chilled beet soup spiked with dill and v...
grilled & chilled shellfish with ba...
garlicky roasted shrimp and swiss char
sausage & egg breakfast bites
crock pot pork-stuffed peppers
beef burgundy
roasted jerusalem artichokes with chives
curry meatballs in tomato-coconut sauce
grilled kale with ginger steak
succulent duck confit
primal texas chili
pot roast & onions with mashed caul...
grilled quail w/kale & lemons
kangaroo loin w/coconut cauliflower
double-pork stuffed chicken breasts
broccoli rabe pesto w/ baked cod
mediterranean stuffed pork loin
garlic pulled pork
aromatic vegetables w/flank steak
vegetable latkes
savory goat stew
watercress bacon soup
cauliflower & mushroom stuffing
succulent bison roast
lobster, grapefruit and avocado salad
sesame chicken
heirloom tomato gazpacho
curried salmon salad
spicy chicken and bacon poppers
poblano chicken with verde sauce cassero...
shrimp “grok-amole” salad
shrimp, sausage and summer squash casser...
bacon, chicken and avocado salad
simple spinach salad with grilled steak ...
crispy nut herb fried chicken
pork loin with mango salsa
aromatic grilled chicken
italian sausage meatballs
kombu egg soup
primal spaghetti
bacon, egg, avocado and tomato salad
apple stuffed chicken with sweet potato ...
omelet muffins
slow cooked asian pepper steak
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