Nom Nom Paleo
primal blueprint nutty strawberry protei...
sautéed shrimp
sous vide wild alaskan cod
spinach frittata with guacamole
slow cooker korean grass fed short ribs
broiled herb-stuffed sardines
david lebovitz’s super easy roast chic...
julia child’s classic roast chicken
softcore albacore (tuna braised in olive...
tilapia filet with aleppo chile finishin...
lamb kofta kebabs
braised thai green goat curry
sous vide tabil-seasoned chicken breasts
rogan josh (easier version)
slow cooker roast chicken and gravy (eve...
souffle frittata
grilled calamari
collard greens (tasty and pretty!)
quick nuked green beans
microwaved spaghetti squash
nuke ‘n bake roasted acorn squash
roasted butternut squash
roasted celery root
easy paleo frittata
sous vide grass fed beef burgers
sous vide grass fed brisket
sous vide grass fed rib steaks
sous vide grass fed flank steak
sous vide grass fed t-bone steak
lard-roasted veggies
fried petrale sole with roasted delicata...
microwaved yams/sweet potatoes
roasted chestnuts
stovetop-braised cabbage
tabil-seasoned sautéed shrimp
roasted carrots
watermelon and tomato gazpacho
slow cooker chicken cacciatore
chicken with 40 cloves of garlic
braised chicken legs with artichokes
braised chicken legs with artichokes
tuna and avocado wraps
sautéed shrimp with onions and cherry ...
rogan josh (lamb stew)
riki’s homestyle lamb shawarma
slow cooker roast chicken and gravy
sweet potato hash
carrot and parsnip puree
garlic cauliflower “mashed potatoes”
cauliflower & carrot puree
lamb burgers with fried egg, sautéed sh...
macadamia nut oil mayonnaise
chilled cream of avocado soup with dunge...
simple crab salad
curried ground pork
thai-inspired crispy duck
quick and simple roasted rack of lamb
sous vide chicken breast
green pork and shiitake sliders
easy broiled tabil seasoned mini beef pa...
sous vide umami slider burgers
sous vide turkish slider burgers
sous vide grass fed shredded beef chuck ...
sous vide grass fed beef tongue ‘n che...
sous vide gigantic grass fed cowboy chop...
slow roasted grass fed beef back ribs
slow cooker thai yellow curry with grass...
slow cooker grass fed beef shanks &...
pressure cooker grass fed beef back ribs
oven-braised mexican beef
oven-braised beef stew with carrot, pars...
green sliders (spinach, mushroom, and be...
garbage stir-fry
delicata squash stuffed with spiced gras...
braised thai green curry with grass fed ...
bo kho (grass fed brisket, tomato, star ...
zucchini spaghetti & meatballs
braised green cabbage
tomato and basil salad
sweet potato hash
stir-fried shiitake and broccoli slaw
stir fried napa cabbage with mushrooms a...
stir-fried kale and bacon
spicy sautÉed mushrooms with anchovy
sautÉed spinach with bacon, bacon greas...
sautÉed red cabbage with onions, garlic...
savory coconut pancakes
roasted turnips
roasted spiced mushrooms
roasted rosemary almonds
roasted portobello mushroom packets with...
roasted portobello mushroom packets with...
roasted portobello mushrooms
roasted kabocha squash
roasted green beans
roasted curried cauliflower
roasted brussels sprouts and bacon
roasted broccoli with crispy prosciutto ...
roasted broccoli & bacon
prosciutto-wrapped mini frittata muffins
pressure cooker braised kale and carrots
porkitos! (a.k.a. crispy prosciutto chip...
pizzeria delfina’s spicy cauliflower
oven-roasted tomatoes
oven-roasted escarole
oven-baked sweet potato fries
marinated roasted beets
grilled zucchini/summer squash
garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes
chez panisse braised red cabbage
cauliflower, carrot, and parsnip puree
brussels sprouts chips
broiled zucchini
broiled prosciutto-wrapped asparagus spe...
braised green beans with tomatoes and on...
cheesy ‘n beefy mini frittata muffins
cheesy egg muffins
carrot & parsnip puree
braised escarole with onions
bacon & guacamole sammies
asian cauliflower fried rice
damn fine chicken
super easy tandoori chicken legs
asian ground beef, mushroom, and broccol...
paleo pumpkin, coconut, & maple cust...
thai steamed mussels
slow cooker kalua pig
surf and turf lettuce tacos
prosciutto-wrapped mini frittata muffins
sous vide goat loin chops
my sisters phenomenal grilled green chic...
thai yellow curry with grass fed beef br...
egg foo young-ish (spinach, egg, ham, &#...
slow cooker lemongrass and coconut chick...
paleo krabby patties
crispy braised duck legs
bacon-topped spinach & mushroom mea...
broiled bacon-wrapped tuna medallions
curried beef, broccoli slaw, & mush...
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