cumin spiced fried plantains w/ collard ...
roasted chicken in butter raisin sauce
guacamole stuffed beach burgers
maryland style crab cakes
sweet and tangy cocktail meatballs
paleo pad thai
butternut baked “beans”
no-mayo avocado slaw (paleo, raw, vegan)
roasted strawberry jam
spicy asian bbq meatballs
ridiculously easy balsamic grilled pork ...
pumpkin curry turkey meatballs
detox salad
layered paleo and vegan enchilada casser...
pumpkin pie granola
pumpkin struesel french toast
crispy orange beef
ancho chili sweet potato enchiladas w/ a...
cheezey spaghetti
avocado toast
chipotle chicken chili
pesto, sweet potato, and sausage hash
crispy roasted pig tails
smoky southwest oven kebabs
coconut beef curry
ancho chili pig’s feet
crockpot brats
sloppy joes
avocado ranch dressing
peach chipotle roast chicken
boston baked beef
sweet and spicy ginger “hamburger ...
chipotle zucchini bison burgers
triple meat italian meatballs
vanilla maple glaze pork chops
sweet potato skins
three ingredient hawaiian pulled pork
30-minute chicken fingers
smashed potatoes
carolina pork bbq
pasilla braised lamb shanks
pizza meatloaf
(tgi)paleo bread 2.0
sage roasted sausage, butternut squash, ...
turnip and sweet potato puree
light and fluffy grain-free pancakes
creamy tomato basil chicken pasta
beef tongue enchiladas
bacon crusted quiche
pork chops with cider bacon gravy
baked pumpkin alfredo casserole
apple banana berry baked french toast
tripe sauteed w/ bacon and shallots
roasted beef tongue
sausage stuffed pork maws
bacon-wrapped sweetbreads on a stick
cider braised pork belly (crockpot)
buffalo pig tails
crispy sesame ginger pork ribeye
bacon peach cobbler
chili dog pie
spaghetti squash with zesty avocado crea...
sweet potato muffins
pork belly made easy
overnight apple breakfast cobbler
paleo “corn” dogs
peach chutney fried chicken
rutabaga fries
roast duck w/ sesame-ginger glaze
jamaican-asian braised oxtail
crockpot asian-style carnitas
salmon tarts
lebanese lamb loaf
sweet potato hummus
toasted pine nut crusted salmon burgers
apple fritters
sloppy joes
sausage stuffed chicken roulades
turkey-veggie burgers
garlic jalapeno meatballs and spaghetti ...
sausage-stuffed apples
sausage-kale egg bake
crispy general’s chicken
carnitas-stuffed baked chicken
baked bison bacon burgers
salmon-sweet potato breakfast bake
sweet and spicy meatballs
carbonara egg muffins
mushroom chicken fricasee
pernil al horno
chorizo breakfast casserole
roasted chicken with sausage stuffing
rosemary lamb chops with red wine reduct...
“gift-wrapped” chicken
bacon-crusted quiche
stuffed acorn squash
apple omelet
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