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smoky hot bbq sauce
paleo tacos
bacon banana nut butter chocolate cups
broccoli apple and almond salad
noatmeal cookies
pork roulade with candied butternut squa...
cauliflower crust grilled chicken and 3 ...
power breakfast egg meatmuffins
chicken nonoodle soup
paleo pumpkin bread
creamy plantain and squash ground beef m...
homemade organic ghee
pumpkin seafood chowder
apple & butternut squash pork stew
paleo spiced pumpkin pancakes
almond & olive “faux-bulgur” sal...
egg and rapini casserole
extra dark paleo chocolate pudding
paleo pumpkin pie
basic coconut butter
warm liver & toasted cashew salad
bbq pulled pork with homemade bbq sauce
paleo – smoky hot bbq sauce
gound beef skillet – greek style
chai spice and maple coco-nut mix
smoked ham, kale and olives frittata cup...
omelette in a bowl
deliciously addictive cocoshew butter
tomato & olive braised pork shoulder
mile high power breakfast burger
quick and easy guacamole
chocolate chunk shortbread cookies
ground beef & courgette skillet
homemade sauerkraut
avocado stuffed meatballs
quick fresh fig &pork loin ragoût
ground beef and baba ganoush
paleo toasted coconut fried ice cream
brussel sprouts and jicama hash
breakfast skillet
render you own lard at home
spicy orange beef – the paleo way
raw jicama & fresh cherry salad
orange coconut omelette
pasta alla bolognese, paleo style
chicken liver pâté
beef liver – peach & onion com...
bunless hamburger
paleo stuffed bell peppers
egg avocado bacon stuffed tomatoes
beef, eggs & avocado breakfast bowl
paleo date squares
bacon apple pork meatball kebabs
loaded carrot salad
paleo paëlla
tuna avocado lettuce wraps
taco wannabe mexican breakfast bowl
braised pork chops and cabbage
salmon tataki with lemon dill sauce
orange cinnamon beef stew
ground beef breakfast bowl
the ultimate beef liver recipe
super simple loaded house salad
fail proof, home made paleo mayo
sauteed beef and broccoli
deconstructed cabbage rolls
crunchy kohlrabi salad
poached egg on portobello
green beans salad
general tso’s chicken – paleo style
cauliflower rice – moroccan flare
cauliflower crust pizza
pineapple braised pork roast
apricot and bacon beef liver
paleo breakfast bake
home made sausage
chocolate caramel pots-de-creme
tangy cashew sesame bean sprout salad
grilled pineapple and lobster salad
sweet pineapple ginger meatball
paleo sweet potato brownies
pineapple grilled chicken
cobb style green bean salad
far breton aux pruneaux
paleo shepherd’s pie casserole
smoked salmon scramble
pulled turkey and kale salad
creamy chicken zucchini fettuccine
fig and almond lamb stew
paleo banana bread
general tso meatballs
orange infused boneless leg of lamb
paleo pancake stack
maple pork stew
pork patties & cucumber mango salad
avocado spinach dip
bacon wrapped chicken breasts
some-shade-of-paleo carrot cake
honey mustard glazed carrots
turkey, apple and broccoli hash
plantain & coconut pancakes
brussel sprouts with smokey bacon
maple glazed spicy apple roasted turkey
creamy seafood chowder
mini chocolate cookie cups
apple & carrot minute sauerkraut
home made whole grain mustard
coconut magic brownie bars
braised pulled pork
chicken apple egg white omelet
toasted coconut butter
chicken scotch eggs
cari-coco instant chicken soup
quick & healthy tuna fish salad
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