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What is the Whole30™?
The Whole30 is Whole9’s original 30 day program designed to change the way you eat for the rest of your life. Since the program’s creation in April 2009, thousands of people have reported amazing results – so much so, in fact, that we’re helping Whole30 participants find fresh, healthy recipes on The Foodee with a special “Whole30 approved” label. You can read more about the Whole30 program on the Whole9 web site.

What does it mean when recipes are “Whole30™ approved”?
Recipes marked as Whole30 approved fit the specific criteria outlined for the Whole30 program. These recipes don’t include any added sugars (real or artificial), grains, legumes or dairy, and aren't "Paleo-ified" versions of desserts or treats. Those on the Whole30 still need to practice their label-reading skills when preparing these recipes! If a recipe includes a processed food (like store-bought chicken broth, bacon or tomato paste), make sure the brand you choose doesn't contain any off-limit ingredients (like sugar, soy or chemical preservatives). In addition, recipes calling for butter must be made with clarified butter or ghee.

Whole30 recipes are vetted by the Whole9 team on a regular basis, so you can be sure your Foodee choices are satisfying the needs of your individual Whole30 program.
kumato and avocado salad
crockpot garlic pork and rice
bacon and egg muffins
stag’s perfect seared venison steak
carrot patties
aromatic beef soup with mushrooms and ch...
pesto salmon and spaghetti squash
thai-style pork and goat meatballs
blood orange salsa over pecan encrusted ...
chicken soup
cuban pork roast + mojo and chimichurri
pernil al horno
cauliflower bisque
supreme egg loaf
“paleo burritos” aka stuffed...
classic chicken salad
shakshouka with lamb meatballs
spaghetti squash alla carbonara
david lebovitz’s super easy roast chic...
veni naghetti
perfect roast chicken
turkey, sweet potato and kale casserole
shrimp scampi with a little head of garl...
spinach salad goes big!
chicken and butternut squash pesto
gazpacho with bay shrimp
rabbit with mustard sauce
parsnip chips
italian beef and green bean casserole">Get started today